Saskatchewan... Where it all began!

The Bridge you see is ‘the Train Bridge’ over the beautiful South Saskatchewan River. It’s where I grew up riding Bikes, Swimming in the Summer, Exploring, and FISHING! Walleye, Pike, and Goldeye abound, even the occasional Sturgeon or Brown Trout! It was a wonderful place to grow up, and my Canadian Family still lives within walking distance of the River.

Somehow, 27 years ago (another Story), my Wife Christy and I found ourselves in Indiana. I worked for a local ‘Not 4 Profit’, and worked part time in the Church doing Youth Ministry. But I needed a ‘physical outlet’… so ‘True North Landscaping’ was born. Fast forward 20 years, 3 beautiful Daughters, and the sale of True North to some really amazing new Owners. Suddenly I went from working 55-70 hours/week, rarely Fishing but often dreaming about it, to suddenly having much more time and less stress in my Life. I began Fishing more… a LOT more! ‘Buy a GoPro and start a YouTube Fishing Channel’ is what my Family and Friends encouraged me to do. So I did. In July of 2022, ‘True North Outdoor Adventures’ was formed, and here we are!

I believe we’re MADE for CONNECTION, with each other and with the Creator of this beautiful, crazy, mysterious World we’re in. Get out there and talk to People, say ‘Yes’ more often, and go find or make an Adventure. You’ll be glad you did! Thanks for coming along and sharing some of my Adventures with me. Remember… ‘If you do something, something might happen to you’. And that’s the goal! PEACE and TIGHT LINES to You!

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